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American VanPac Carriers, Inc.
VanPac Carriers Inc. can relocate your employees from Toledo to Saudi Arabia, from Pittsburgh to Phnom Pénh. They will make immediate, damage-free deliveries.
Incorporated Name
Vanpac International
Year Established
Web Site
Industry Category / Asset Type
Company - Technical Services
Local Address & Phone
9750 3rd Avenue NE   Suite 200   [map]
SeattleWA (Washington)  94553
King  County / Region
United States
(206) 436-0130
Toll Free Phone
(800) 877-0444
(206) 971-3859
Headquarters Address
Vanpac International, Inc.
SeattleWA (Washington)
United States
Key Personnel
Tom L.  Olsen
Industry Codes
North American Industry Classification System
484210   -   Used household and office goods moving
488510   -   Freight transportation arrangement
Unique Capabilities
  • Vanpac International has offices and port facilities in Houston, the United Kingdom, and Singapore, in addition to maintaining a network of 375 international agents and 275 domestic agents. All of our agents are selected for their level of experience, knowledge, and ability to provide our corporate clients with expert service.
    • Relocation Management
      • Employee Relocation Planning
      • Residence Planning and Arranements
      • Destination Counseling
      • Household Goods Transportation
      • Customer Care
      • Relocation Policies
        • Our consulting unit works with employers to develop employee relocation policies that can help attract and retain valued employess without excessive cost.
      • Office and Plant Moves
      • Materials Logistics
Agency Type Number
Federal SBA (Self Certified) SBP (Small Business Program)
Customer Base
  • Moving People to, from, or in Between Any Country in the World
Industry Sector(s)
  • Defense/Military/National Security
  • Government/Public Sector/Non-Profits
  • Personal Services
  • Transportation
Geographic Area
  • Worldwide

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