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Pioneer Circuits, Inc.
Pioneer’s main product lines are the manufacture of rigid, flex and rigid-flex printed wiring boards (PWB’s) for high reliability applications such as space, aerospace, military, medical and high grade industrial electronics.
Year Established
Local Employees
Annual Revenue
$10M - $25M
Industry Category / Asset Type
Company - Manufacturing
Local Address & Phone
3000 S. Shannon Street      [map]
Santa AnaCA (California)  92704
Orange  County / Region
United States
(714) 641-3132
(714) 641-3120
Key Personnel
James Y.  Lee
Dale  McKeeby
Senior Vice President
Ken  Lee
Director Sales & Customers Service
Industry Codes
Standard Industrial Classification
3672   -   Printed circuit boards
3679   -   Electronic components, nec
North American Industry Classification System
334412   -   Bare printed circuit board manufacturing
334418   -   Printed circuit assembly manufacturing
541330   -   Engineering services
Unique Capabilities
  • Pioneer’s main product lines are the manufacture of rigid, flex and rigid-flex printed wiring boards (PWB’s) for high reliability applications such as space, aerospace, military, medical and high grade industrial electronics.
  • Pioneer also offers a number of value added services including PWB Design/Layout, Rapid Prototypes, Technical Training and Assembly.
  • In concert, Pioneer offers customers a turnkey solution.

Services offered include:

Concurrent Engineering (Design Support) Services - the most successful projects are collaborations with our customers that begin early in the design process. Pioneer’s unmatched Concurrent Engineering program maximizes the effectiveness of early involvement in our customer’s programs.

  • PWB Design/Layout – our staff has decades of experience generating PWB design solutions from customer schematics/mechanicals. Advanced tools such as Mentor Graphics Boardstation® are employed and complete documentation (net list, fabrication drawings) is available.
  • Producibility Reviews – a formal technical review of your data package designed to uncover any inconsistencies or issues which may cause delays or reduced yields in fabrication.
  • Technical Training – our Flexible Interconnection Solutions® is aimed squarely at design engineers and provides in depth coverage of critical topics related to flex/rigid-flex circuit design
  • Mechanical Mock Ups – another unique service from Pioneer! These no charge, ‘mechanical only’ prototypes often eliminate costly design iterations by validation fit and flexibility and are a great tool to communicate your concept to others.

PWB Manufacturing

  • Flex & Rigid-Flex PWB Manufacturing – Pioneer Circuits is the worldwide leader in fabricating high technology flex and rigid-flex designs.
  • Rigid PWB Manufacturing – multilayers
  • Rapid Prototype (Quick turn) Service – reduced cycle time builds using the same processes and equipment as our high-rel production line are available for prototype or short lead time situations

PWB Assembly – value added assembly of Pioneer manufactured PWB’s is available and typically involves the installation of connectors and other passive components onto our flex and rigid-flex products. All soldering technicians are certified to both IPC and NASA standards. Potting, conformal coating and full Level II testing are available.


  • IPC-6013 Class 2 & 3Mil-P-50884 (Types 1 –5) Certified
  • Multilayers to 30+ Layers
  • Microvias, Blind/Buried Vias
  • BookbindersAcrylic & Adhesiveless
  • Constantan Foil


  • Mil-PRF-55110 and IPC 6012
  • Multilayers to 30 + Layers
  • Polyimide, Epoxy (FR4), ThermountHeatsinks & Metal Core
  • Microvias, Blind/Buried Vias
  • Backplanes & Oversize


  • IPC & NASA Certified Operators
  • Connectors & Passive Components
  • Compliant Pin Insertion
  • Potting & Conformal Coating

PWB Design

  • Artwork Generation from Schematic
  • Mentor Graphics Output
  • Fabrication & Assembly Drawings
Staff Expertise
Pioneer Circuits, Inc. was established in 1981.
Agency Type Number
ISO 9001:2000
ISO 9002
Agency Type Number
CA SMBE (State Minority Business Enterprise)
SBA SDB (Small Disadvantaged Business)
Customer Base

Pioneer Circuits specializes in providing Advanced Interconnection Solutions to our nation’s leading defense and aerospace contractors.

Industry Sector(s)
  • Aerospace
  • Defense/Military/National Security
  • Telecommunications Products (Including Wireless)
Geographic Area
  • Nationwide
Affiliation & Awards
2006 - NASA Certificate of Appreciation
2006 - Mars Exploration Rover Panorama/
2005 - Lockheed Martin Award of Excellence
2005 - DOD Nunn Perry Award Winner

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