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Nugier Industries Inc.
Nugier Industries Inc. offers the full line of Nugier brand hydraulic presses. They manufacture hydraulic presses and tooling offering a complete line of standard H-Frame and custom presses that can be operated either by Hand, Air or Motor.
Year Established
Web Site
Annual Revenue
$500K - $1M
Industry Category / Asset Type
Company - Manufacturing
Local Address & Phone
18031 La Salle Ave.      [map]
GardenaCA (California)  90248
Los Angeles  County / Region
United States
(310) 515-6025
(310) 527-7362
Industry Codes
Standard Industrial Classification
3452   -   Bolts, nuts, rivets, and washers
3462   -   Iron and steel forgings
North American Industry Classification System
332111   -   Iron and steel forging
333513   -   Metal forming machine tool manufacturing
Make Model Quantity Specs Performance
Nugier 20 Ton Hydraulic Press 3 speed footpump
Nugier 250 TON guided platen press
Nugier 4 Post Motor Driven Press 100 Ton
Nugier Model H80-14MD 80 Ton Motor Driven Press 7.5 Double Acting
Unique Capabilities


  • Capacity: 20 - 300 Tons
  • Nugier hand operated presses feature a two speed, single handle pump for rapid ram advance and convenient operation. 
  • Very durable, Nugier's hand pump is rated over 10,000 psi with fast flow capability and large reservoir capacity.
  • When operating the pump, the ram will advance rapidly to the work piece then develop high pressure by switching the pressure knob.


  • Capacity: 40 - 300 Tons
  • Nugier air operated presses feature the Nugier patented double acting air powered hydraulic pump.
  • The Pump will deliver high speed flow with virtually no pulsation, giving you the smoothest ram movement in all air presses in the market today.
  • This unit is known to give years of reliable, trouble-free operation.
  • Standard Features on this air package include:
    • Blow down lever for rapid advance of ram.
    • Hand and foot controls combined for convenience
    • Air filter/regulator with psi gauge provided


  • For this electric motor operated presses, Nugier uses a heavy-duty hydraulic pump and motor package that is designed for continuous high volume usage.
  • A single-acting spring return or double-acting power return cylinder system may be selected.
  • Depending on speed requirements a single or dual pump package will be provided.


  • These power plants are available with two pumps mounted to a single motor.
  • Include a high volume, low pressure type, which is used to give rapid advance of the ram to the work and is also used for rapid power retraction of the ram.
  • This high volume pump is used only for rapid travel of the ram and does not consume any power during actual high force pressing operations.  

Nugier also offers standard equipment such as:

  • Eye level control gauges
  • Two-speed hand pumps
  • Moveable cylinders
  • Self-locking table winches
  • Positive acting safety valves
  • Finished construction
Customer Base
Industry Sector(s)
  • Aerospace
  • Agribusiness
  • Automotive & Transport Equipment
  • Construction & Construction Materials
  • Defense/Military/National Security
  • Government/Public Sector/Non-Profits
  • Manufacturing
  • Materials & Construction
  • Mining/Quarrying
Geographic Area
  • Locally

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