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Atlantex Manufacturing Corp.
Atlantex is a leading manufacturer of industrial textile products, specializing in high performance and high temperature textiles for the commercial and industrial markets
Local Employees
Annual Revenue
$1M - $5M
Industry Category / Asset Type
Company - Manufacturing
Local Address & Phone
600 So Brandywine Ave   Unit 500   [map]
DowningtownPA (Pennsylvania)  19335
Chester  County / Region
United States
(610) 518-6601
(610) 518-6602
Industry Codes
North American Industry Classification System
326220   -   Rubber and Plastics Hoses and Belting Manufacturing
332999   -   All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
Unique Capabilities

Products Include:


Pyrotex S/G Fire Sleeve

  • Heat resistant silicone coated fiberglass sleeving - Protects hoses, cables and wires from molten metal splash, high heat hazards and occasional exposure to flame, in steel plants, glass plants, foundries, cutting and welding shops.
  • Manufactured from high bulk knitted or braided fiberglass sleeving, coated with a custom compounded silicone rubber. Designed to form a protective thermal barrier and extend the life of hydraulic lines, hoses, wires and cables in areas of extreme heat exposure in hazardous environments.


  • Withstands continuous exposure to 500°F, short-term exposure thru 2200°F. 
  • Resistant to hydraulic fluids, fuels, and lubricating oils.
  • Sheds molten metal splash.
  • Reduces energy loss and offers personnel burn protection through insulating hot oil, steam lines or pipe surfaces.
  • Pyrotex S/G Fire Sleeve allows the bundling of cables, hoses and wires while providing excellent thermal and abrasion resistance.
  • Extremely flexible and conformable throughout the entire size range at Temperatures -65°F. thru 500°F.

Braided Sleeving

Pyrotherm HT

  • Braided from continuous E-Glass Filament Yarns, Heat Treated and cleaned to stabilized and control end fray.
  • Temperature rated to 1000 degrees F. 
  • Flexible and expandable to fit over changing contours and diameters 
  • Easy to apply

Pyrotherm HS

  • Braided from continuous E-Glass Filament Yarns, Heat Treated and coated to stabilized and control end fray.
  • Saturated with a synthetic rubber compound 
  • Temperature rated to 1000 degrees F.  
  • Offers the same protection and uses as Pyrotherm HT with the added benefits of increased abrasion resistance and end fray control during cutting and flexing. 
  • Saturant is stable to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and will gradually volatilize without noxious fumes. 
  • Natural tan color is standard

Pyrotherm LW, HW Fiberglass Sleeving

  • Braided texturized fiberglass sleeving that withstands 1000 degrees F. Made from texturized yarns to provide bulk thermal protection. Low cost economical hose and cable protection. Can be used for additional thermal protection as under sleeve for Pyrotex S/G applications.

Rope Products

  • Pyrotex Rope are manufactured from high bulk fiberglass yarn which is designed for high temperature process applications.
  • Ropes are knit-braided fiberglass in standard and high density construction, with custom densities available for specific application requirements

Tape Products

Pyrotex S/G Tape

  • S/G Tape offers similar protection and benefits as the Pyrotex S/G Fire Sleeving in a
  • wrap form. A knitted construction of high bulk fiberglass yarn and coated with a heat resistant silicon rubber compound allows the insulation to be installed on hose, cable and wires while in service. Pyrotex S/G tape is a non-adhesive tape and should be installed in a spiral wrap utilizing a 30% to 50% overlap to insure proper coverage.

SA-Silicone Tape

  • Self adhering and self-bonding tape which is used as a sealant for Pyrotex S/G Fire sleeving to prevent the wicking of moisture and hydraulic fluids into the inner fiber construction.

Pyrotex S/G Rope – Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Rope

  • Made from texturized E-Glass yarn, knitted and braided into a rope form coated with Heat Resistant Silicone Rubber for an excellent high temperature abrasion resistant gasket material. Rated for continuous operation to 500 degree F. Sheds, Molten Metal splash, withstands flame and oil exposure. Finds application as a pot lid seal in the Aluminum industry.

Abrasion Sleeving

Tufftex – Woven Nylon Abrasion Protection Sleeving

  • Tufftex – W is designed to provide abrasion protection for hoses, cables and wires. Manufactured from high tenacity multi-filament Nylon yarn and woven into a flexible tubular sleeving. The construction provides for an easy means to protect, bundle and manage your product in various applications.

Tufftex HLC Reuseable Abrasion Resistant Bundling Sleeve

  • Each sleeve is constructed using 1050 ballistic nylon fabric with a heavy urethane coating and a tough hook and loop closure system. Tufftex HLC can be cut to length in the field using scissors or hot knife for easy application.

Spiral Guard Wrap

  • Manufactured from extruded high density polyethylene, Spiral Guard Wrap will withstand the extremes of climate and operating conditions. The HDPE extrusion process provides a product with round edges which make for easy installation, while protecting against abrasion, cuts, crushing, UV and various hazards which can destroy expensive hose and cable assemblies. Larger sizes are used for both protection and bundling of multiple hose applications.

Gasket & Wire Products

Wire Products

  • Knitted wire cable hollow and solid core constructions of Stainless Steel, Inconel and Monel for gasket and shielding applications. Knitted wire cable diameters ¼” thru 11/2” for both soft and resilient sealing requirements. Wire constructions are used as filler for high temperature tadpole gaskets or as a stand alone gasket.

Knitted Wire Mesh Cable:

  • Atlantex manufactures both solid and hollow knitted wire mesh cables for a variety of applications. Most commonly used as a resilient core component for high temperature tadpole gasket or seals.
  • The knitted wire mesh cable when combined with high temperature textile fabric material provides an effective heavy or light duty compression/recovery product for industrial gasket and seal applications.
  • Mesh cable products also used to provide EMI/RMI shielding and gasketing protection for sensitive electronic cabinetry and enclosures.

High Temperature Fiberglass Tadpole Gaskets

  • Tadpole fiberglass constructions made in continuous lengths containing a resilient bulb with sealing performance to 1000F. The unique braided construction allows the product to turn corners without notching or mitering and eliminates bunching for a smooth radius installation.
  • Woven texturized fiberglass tadpoles for service to 1000 degrees F are available for heavy duty applications providing a thicker and high density sealing surface.

Additional Product Options

  • Over-braided ropes
  • Wire cores and mesh
  • Silicone coated ropes
  • Wire jacketed ropes
  • Custom constructions by design


Pyrotex S/G Blankets are:

  • High temperature heat resistant fabrics designed to meet the protection requirements for hoses, cables, equipment and machinery in all extreme heat environments.
  • Water and oil resistant, flame retardant, and easily fabricated. It is available in 17 oz lightweight, 32 oz medium weight and 96 oz heavy weight versions. The high temperature silicone rubber provides a flexible coating resistant to abrasion, tear, and puncture and repels molten splash. 
  • Made from woven fiberglass yarns and then coated with a durable high grade silicone rubber compound. They are resistant to most acids, fuels, hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils and solvents. The blankets offer continuous protection up to 260° C / 500° F and with stand molten metal splash and short term temperature spikes to 1200° C / 2200° F.


Atlantex can offer you the following in house areas of expertise:

  • Braiding
  • Knitting
  • Sewing
  • Weaving
  • Coating
  • Custom Design

Fabrication Products are available in fiber and material options which include: fiberglass, aramid, nylon, silicone, stainless steel to name a few.

Agency Type Number
Customer Base
Industry Sector(s)
  • Automotive & Transport Equipment
  • Construction & Construction Materials
  • Defense/Military/National Security
  • Government/Public Sector/Non-Profits
  • Manufacturing
Geographic Area
  • Nationwide

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