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Pacific Wood Preserving Companies
Pacific Wood Preserving Companies offers a variety of pressure treated wood products and wood preservatives to meet a customer's requirements.
Year Established
Industry Category / Asset Type
Company - Construction/Trades
Local Address & Phone
5601 District Blvd.      [map]
BakersfieldCA (California)  93313
Kern  County / Region
United States
(775) 832-5225
Toll Free Phone
(866) 905-6585
(888) 803-7688
Mailing Address
5601 District Blvd.  
BakersfieldCA (California)  93313
United States
Arizona Wood Preserving, Inc.    Eloy , AZ (Arizona)   United States
Nevada Wood Preserving, Inc.    Silver Springs , NV (Nevada)   United States
Pacific Wood Preserving of Oregon    Sheridan , OR (Oregon)   United States
Pacific Wood Preserving Texas    Livingston , TX (Texas)   United States
Key Personnel
Kristen  Clark
Accounts Manager
Deborah  Potter
Accounting Manager
Ron  Laughlin
Rick  McCullough
Plant Manager
Industry Codes
North American Industry Classification System
321113   -   Sawmills
321114   -   Wood Preservation
Unique Capabilities
  • Services Include:
    • Car loading/unloading
    • Cutting
    • End Plating
    • Export loading and Packaging
    • High density incising
    • Incising
    • Incising (regular or high density)
    • Kiln drying
    • Lumber framing (to industry Standards)
    • Lumber sizing
    • Pole framing
    • Reloading
    • Special Packaging
    • Staining
    • Starlocks™
    • Storage
    • Tie plating
    • Trucking and Rail
    • TSO (treating service only)
    • Boring
  • Products Include:
    • Treated Wood Products
    • Wood Distribution
    • Transmission Poles
    • Crossties
    • Switch ties
    • Fire Retardant Lumber
    • Pressure Treated Lumber
    • Agricultural Products
    • Landscape Ties
    • Agricultural Fencing
    • Browntone
    • Crane Mats
    • Laminated Beams
    • Plywood
    • Railroad Ties
    • Starlocks
    • Treated Timbers
    • Wood Poles
    • Wood Posts
    • Wood Stakes
Agency Type Number
Federal SBA (Self Certified) SBP (Small Business Program)
Customer Base
Industry Sector(s)
  • Agribusiness
  • Construction & Construction Materials
  • Defense/Military/National Security
  • Government/Public Sector/Non-Profits
  • Materials & Construction
  • Real Estate
Geographic Area
  • Nationwide

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