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Cufis Technologies, Inc.
Cufis Technologies, Inc. is an information technology company.
Year Established
Industry Category / Asset Type
Company - Technical Services
Local Address & Phone
970 Reserve Dr.   Suite 100   [map]
RosevilleCA (California)  95678
Placer  County / Region
United States
(916) 765-6841
Toll Free Phone
(800) 608-5567
(916) 652-4419
Cufis Technologies, Inc.    Bethesda , MD (Maryland)   United States
Cufis Technologies, Inc.    Dayton , OH (Ohio)   United States
Cufis Technologies, Inc.    Las Vegas , NV (Nevada)   United States
Industry Codes
North American Industry Classification System
541330   -   Engineering services
541611   -   Administrative management consulting services
561110   -   Office administrative services
Unique Capabilities
  • Solutions Include:
    • Enterprise Server and Data Center Management
    • Desktop Management
      • Business Solution
      • Services Packages
      • Compose
        • Technology Assessment documents both the physical infrastructure and the support organizations using documented procedures.
        • Total Cost of Ownership Evaluation details the direct and indirect costs of supporting the existing environment.
        • High-Level Architectural Design illustrates the target architecture needed to support a consistent distributed computing environment.
      • Orchestrate
        • Detailed Technical Design defines a new desktop environment including equipment, cabling and facilities.
        • Implementation Deployment uses tested transition processes and planning tools for installation, logistics, integration, and project management.
        • Transition Services are provided as needed, including Help Desk support, training, and problem management application software, network connectivity and desktop problems.
        • Systems Management services maintain and manage servers including fault configuration, performance and security issues, associated peripherals, and desktop computers.
        • Network Management incorporates a complete range of procedures and tools to maintain connectivity between the desktop computers and servers - 24-hours-a -day.
        • Field Service conducts complex LAN administrator tasks and desk-side assistance for hardware and software.
        • Training programs introduce the new workstations and support to the user community using a variety of delivery methods, matching the needs of the end-user.
      • Perform
        • Asset Management life-cycle service addresses procurement, systems integration, installation, asset tracking, technology refresh and asset retirement.
        • The user loses productivity by having to place repeated calls to the help desk or other technical support groups, waiting for help, or worse, bringing in other users to help resolve the problem.
        • The Help Desk loses time on repetitive and routine requests, deflecting status requests, or trying to debug applications in which they are not well trained, and ultimately earns the reputation as the "helpless desk."
        • The CIO gets deluged with complaints.
        • The bottom line - the business loses time, sales and revenue.
    • Help Desk Services
      • The personal computer has become a ubiquitous productivity tool for companies and end users alike. Many employees cannot function effectively without their PC. Unfortunately, personal computers have also become increasingly more complex to support and maintain. Check the hard drive of any standard personal computer and the probability of finding productivity tools such as Microsoft® or Lotus®, email, connections to the Internet, ERP applications, and custom software unique to the company is enormous. Increasing complexity can make it difficult and during the migration to remote management.
      • Business Solutions
        • Single Point of Accountability (SPOA) to eliminate multiple calls to the help desk. Help Desk personnel take ownership for resolving the problem. If they can't answer the question or provide a solution, they make the needed calls to network technicians, software specialists or field service, coordinating efforts until the ticket is closed. They also keep the user informed of the call's status.
        • Expanded Coverage to ensure that help is there 24 hours, 7 days a week.
        • Effective First Call Close Rate to minimize repeated calls, user downtime and frustration.
        • Courteous and Knowledgeable Personnel to provide answers to routine questions quickly, help the user learn how to perform simple diagnostics and functions, understand the applications, and who are able to identify effectively what resources are necessary to handle a problem.
        • Tracking and reporting to give the IT manager the knowledge necessary to take preventive action. By tracking the type of calls and resolution, system, network, application and training problem trends can be identified and addressed. Building a knowledge base also enables the Help Desk personnel to share successful solutions for quicker resolution of problems.
    • Network Services
      • Assess current and future network needs
      • Design and implement robust network architecture
      • Plan for phased network migration
      • Supplement key operational skills and capabilities for day-to-day management.
    • Consulting Solutions
      • Strategy and Policy Development
      • Business Process Definition
      • IT Architecture Assessment
      • Architecture Requirements Analysis
      • Architecture Engineering
      • IT Standards Definition
      • IT Architecture Migration Planning
      • Business Case Development
      • Cultural Change Facilitation
      • User Satisfaction Monitoring
Agency Type Number
CFMBE (CF Minority Business Enterprise)
Federal SBA (Self Certified) SBP (Small Business Program)
Customer Base
Industry Sector(s)
  • Computer Software, Information Technology, Internet
  • Computer/Networking Hardware
  • Defense/Military/National Security
  • Government/Public Sector/Non-Profits
Geographic Area
  • Nationwide

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