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Histogen, Inc.
Histogen, Inc. is a regenerative medicine company based on naturally-produced products from newborn fibroblasts grown in a proprietary bioreactor that mimics the embryonic environment. Histogen has developed a rich product portfolio from one core technology process that fulfills market needs without the use of embryonic stem cells or animal products.
Year Established
Industry Category / Asset Type
Company - Technology/R&D
Local Address & Phone
9855 Towne Centre Drive      [map]
San DiegoCA (California)  92121
San Diego  County / Region
United States
(858) 200-9520
(928) 527-7522
Key Personnel
Gail K.  Naughton, Ph.D.
CEO, Chairman of the Board
Hyma  Gollamudi, Ph.D.
Chief Business Officer
Robert S.  Kellar, Ph.D.
Vice President Research and Development
Eileen  Naughton Brandt
Director of Corporate Communications
Industry Codes
North American Industry Classification System
325411   -   Medicinal and botanical manufacturing
325412   -   Pharmaceutical preparation manufacturing
541711   -   Research and Development in Biotechnology
Applied Technology

Histogen's unique bioreactor technology offers a wealth of benefits when weighed against competitive products which are based on embryonic stem cells and animal tissues.

  • Fibroblasts are easy to obtain and grow
  • There are no ethical drawbacks to the use and commercialization of fibroblasts
  • Histogen has successfully developed commercial-scale production processes which are economically viable
  • All of the derivatives of the fibroblast conditioning process can be used, creating a spectrum of products for a variety of markets from one core technology
Products / Lines Carried
  • BioNuesis™ - soluble all-human extracellular matrix kit
  • ExceltrixTM + ReGenicaTM
  • ExceltrixTM - human Extracellular Matrix (ECM)
  • ReGenicaTM - created by the culturing of newborn fibroblasts in an embryonic-like environment and then harvesting the naturally secreted growth factors, proteins and other synergistic bioproducts
Agency Type Number
WOB (Women-Owned Small Business)
Federal SBA (Self Certified) SBP (Small Business Program)
Customer Base
Industry Sector(s)
  • Biomedical/Biotechnology
  • Drugs/Pharmaceuticals
  • Education/Academic
  • Government/Public Sector/Non-Profits
  • Health Products & Services
Geographic Area
  • Nationwide

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