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Chachies Foods, Inc.
Chachies makes refrigerated salsa. Ours, and most products like it, are made of freshly chopped vegetables. We make it to order for our Supermarket, Club Store and Mass Merchandiser customers.
Year Established
Web Site
Local Employees
Industry Category / Asset Type
Company - Manufacturing
Local Address & Phone
649 Benet Road      [map]
OceansideCA (California)  92054
San Diego  County / Region
United States
(760) 757-2622
Toll Free Phone
(800) 748-5523
(760) 721-2600
Key Personnel
Doug  Pearson
Maria  Angulo
Vice-President Mfg.
Kevin  Valles
Industry Codes
Standard Industrial Classification
2032   -   Canned specialties
2033   -   Canned fruits and vegetables
2099   -   Food preparations, nec
North American Industry Classification System
311421   -   Fruit and vegetable canning
311422   -   Specialty canning
311991   -   Perishable prepared food manufacturing
Total Facility Area
20,000 sq. ft.: prep, production, shipping/receiving of fresh produce (fruits and vegetables), processing and finished goods. All food processing equipment
Unique Capabilities

Mild, Medium and Japapeño Hot are brimming with fresh tomatoes, onions and cilantro, yet smooth with a rich tomato base. Our secret herb and spice blend give these salsas a homemade taste you won’t find in any other brand. The handmade texture and quality is unsurpassed.
Deli Style Mild and Medium offer a gourmet blend of herbs, spices and a touch of wine vinegar for a unique twist on the salsa experience. Similar to our regular products, but with an added “layer” of flavor to savor with your favorite foods and (of course) tortilla chips!

California Style Salsa celebrates the signature flavor of California’s own green peppers. The distinct taste and our tradition of producing only the finest chunky salsas makes this the perfect salsa for any occasion. California Style Salsas are available in Mild, Medium, Hot and Restaurant style.

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa celebrates the unusual flavor of Roasted Tomatilloes – a cousin of the tomato – but adds our signature spice blend to create the perfect salsa for cooking, topping and just plain enjoying with your favorite Mexican entrée! Medium heat, and a luscious roasted color make this salsa uniquely authentic!

Habanero-Lime Salsa brings out the subtle flavor of Habanero Chiles – one of the most misunderstood peppers. Normally overused to create extreme heat, in our blend the Habanero is delicately balanced with lime and other signature flavors to uncover a mellow, unique chile flavor. Truly a Medium Salsa, this new product underlines our strategy of blending unique flavors to create layers of taste. Great as dip, or used like chutney to accompany fish, fowl or pork.

Mango & Peach Salsa is the perfect blend of tropical mangoes and the delicate sweetness of cling peaches. With just a touch of heat, and a delicate balance of tomato and fruit flavor, this is one fruit salsa you can enjoy over and over. Makes a great topping for grilled fish, fowl and pork, not to mention as an hors d'oeuvre over a brick of cream cheese.

Roasted Garlic Salsa is rich in roasted garlic flavor and chunky tomatoes. It tempts the palate with bits of fresh garlic and a texture just right for chips and topping your favorite dish.

Key Lime & Garlic Salsa is a Florida favorite! Similar to our Medium but with just a hint of tangy key lime from Nellie & Joe's, America's favorite Key Lime Juice. This salsa is perfect for dipping when you want a refreshing change of pace, or to add life to grilled meats, fish and fowl.

Pico De Gallo Salsa celebrates the smoky, unique flavor of jalapeño peppers, ripe tomatoes and onions in the unique style of the Southwestern US. Texans tell us the only “authentic” salsa is a Pico De Gallo, with a large emphasis on peppers and a bit less cilantro. Chachies Pico De Gallo marries this noble tradition with a heat level sure to please across the entire US!

Finely Chopped Salsa is designed for those who prefer a smoother texture. It's great as a condiment, or to use as a dip with more body than other fresh salsas. Texans will recognize it as true Tex-Mex salsa.
Our Guacamole is never frozen, free of preservatives and (quite simply) just like homemade. We start with fresh Hass avocados, add our signature spices and pack the product using a special high-pressure process to remove bacteria and preserve freshness. You can't buy a fresher tasting guacamole!

Agency Type Number
Food & Drug Administration FDA certified
Customer Base
Industry Sector(s)
  • Food/Beverage
  • Recreation/Sports/Entertainment/Leisure
  • Retail
Geographic Area
  • Locally
  • Nationwide

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